03/20/2020 Important News!!

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To our customers and community, we are praying for everyone and the current situation we are all faced with at this time. In trying to cut down on our traffic and keep the "social distance" that has been suggested, we highly recommend to our customers that are accustomed to bringing their insurance payments into our agency, to either mail your insurance payment directly to the company or pay your premium online. To those with cash, you can purchase a prepaid credit card and use that to pay online or call your payment in. We can still assist you over the telephone or by text or email. We are terribly sorry for this inconvenience, our job and livelihood depends on our customers and our customer service, however at this time we are doing what we feel is best for everyone in the current situation we are all faced with. You can still call us anytime for insurance or real estate and we will be happy to help you in anyway that we can. Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding!!

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Office 870-364-3141 or 870-364-5166

Christy 870-831-2764 (insurance or real estate)
Kathy 870-500-1214 (insurance or real estate)
Ginger 870-304-6879 (real estate)
Bob 870-305-8455 (real estate)
Mandy 870-500-5607 (real estate)
Sundee 870-500-6268 (real estate)
Edith 870-500-0027 (real estate)